My name is Marissa Williamson, I am a proud Ngarrindjeri woman. I was born and raised in Wadawurrung/Wathaurung country. I have a close connection and identify strongly with the Wurundjeri mob. I started boxing as a form of fitness for my aspiring AFLW career. I honestly thought that playing in the AFLW was the one thing that I was 100% going to do. However, after growing a love for the sport I decided to give up my dream of playing in the AFLW after an injury to pursue a career in boxing. 

I started off boxing With Vincent Marino at Wyndham PCYC. It was a gym for at-risk youth. I was with him for a year and had approximately 19 fights with him.  He took me to my first Victorian title  and my National title  all in the same year.  The gym was  a  non-for-profit,  so unfortunately the gym had to close down due to lack of funding.  When I was training for the nationals in 2019  I caught a train for 3 hours to receive sparring. That’s where I met James Roesler.  He was impressed with my effort and willingness to train. He drove me home that night and offered me a place at his gym.  I had one fight with James and went on a Thailand  training camp with him.   when covid hit  because I was living at the boxing gym due to exiting the  foster care system  I was able to continue my training.  After Lockdown  he  noticed  how much I had improved. We had a really good relationship and he taught me a lot. However, he thought it was best that I moved to a new gym to continue progressing.  Due to covid  I’ve only been with my new coach  Kel Bryant  actually training for about 2 months out of Collingwood Boxing,  I know with him he will take me all the way.  We are currently  looking for fights and are ready to get back into the ring. 

I haven’t had the most positive upbringing.  I was in and out of foster care  for a large portion of my life.  Things  were extremely rough  and violence was second nature.  Boxing is a sport  that finds people, boxing really did save me. I exited the foster care system  just before my 18th birthday,  my only downfall is my  lack of support.  I have faith  that the universe  will pay me back.  So far I am grateful that I can continue to box thanks to my sponsors,  the Aboriginal community,  the Australian sporting Hall of Fame  and you. I cannot wait to see you mob repping my apparel, let’s take it all the way. My goal currently  is to remain on the Victorian beaches team,  make it on the national team.  have some fights this year  in readiness for  the 2022 Birmingham  commonwealth games and the 2024 paris olympic games.

Fight Schedule

18th March 2021

Against current Elite 69kg Vic Champ Caity Beckett 

15th – 18th April 2021

South Australia club Championships (three fights in three days).